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I keep thinking about the Idaho Shakespeare Festival, and the funny pre-show warm up guys.  About their sketch which parodied Spartacus.  I do so love silly comedy.

And yet, when I took the comedy writing workshop, I felt like a big flop.  Maybe it's because I was not feeling the love from the lady who works on the Daily Show.  Or maybe it was because they put me in a group of one since I was a strong writer.  But I want to be part of a team sometimes.  Like Sally Rogers in the Dick Van Dyke Show.  Me and Buddy and Rob, working together to put out a great show each week.  Or something.

Gah.  What am I even saying?  It's just that writing a novel by oneself is a bit lonely.  And writing a screenplay is also lonely.  I want a partner.  No, I don't.  Yes, I do.  Gah.  I don't know what I want.

I have a zillion partners.  All the men who are allowing me to put their stuff into my novels and screenplay.  But I am still lonely.  The man with whom I sleep is a fine man, a kind man, a man who has made great strides in overcoming weakness and getting his life back on track.  Yet I cannot help wishing for a partner who had my sense of humour.  Who could play off me and engage in the witty repartee of Tracy and Hepburn, of WIllis and Shepard, of other great couples whose names I can't recall because I'm so fecking tired.

Is it so much to ask for?  To have someone who is as lewd as me, as prone to double entendres, as comfortable with talking about sex....?

That Idaho sketch slayed me.  When people kept popping up from the audience screaming "I am Smarty Pants" ala the whole dramatic scene in which slaves protect the real Smarty Pants, I thought I'd die laughing.  I want to be part of that kind of writing some day.

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Posted on 10:36AM on Feb 21st, 2012
Ahh yes. It's times like these that I wish Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein was less fiction and actually a possibility. I have a friend who totally gets my sense of humour. We have moments of outrageous laughter and its all natural, nothing's forced. But this is not enough to make a relationship work. Then I have this friend who is so very intelligent but lacks compassion. And then there's this other friend who has a heart of gold but the girl just cant keep up bless her. Then comes the purist, a girl with lofty ideals of life and everything good, but mention anything remotely depraved and she looks at you funny. And then there's the girl thats just so sexy I just want to jump her bones, but she lacks the mental capacity to keep me stimulated long term. We have a saying where I come from. "If only" is a fools saying. If this is true then I must be a fool because man I cant help but wish. If only I could... *sigh*
Posted on 03:28PM on Feb 21st, 2012
Oh, lovey. Someday your princess will come. I am sure of it.
Posted on 08:05AM on May 9th, 2012
Your reference to the DV show brings back memories. Life then was quite different. And more fun. Let me complement you on your writing.. Simply. And for being an adventurous person and friend. Thank you for sharing your gifts.
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